Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and a policy owner. A life insurance policy guarantees the insurer pays a sum of money to nHere at CL we offer an array of resources available. This allows us to tailor every policy so that it protects the client in just the right ways. Our brokers are trained to see the nuances of your specific situation and build you a policy that covers and protects you and your family, while also helping you achieve your financial goals over time. Contact us to get in touch with a broker who will happily go over your options and assess your situation- at no cost to you. Our clients never pay a commission to our brokers. Our brokers have a fiduciary duty to you- the client; and are only there to give you the best and most comprehensive financial advice. Contact us for a more in-depth explanation of these financial products, and how they relate to your specific situation.

Whole life insurance is for those looking for lifetime protection with many added benefits, while only paying premiums for a set period of time. In addition to providing a guaranteed life insurance payout- no questions asked, it also offers an important way to prepare for the future, in the form of the policy’s cash value. While you hold your policy, it will accrue cash value. Which means policyholders in CL Whole Life are eligible to receive dividends. Though dividends are not guaranteed, CL has been paying them to policy owners ever since our inception. At CL, our diverse range of products allow you to develop a unique combination of guaranteed death benefits and cash value growth designed to meet your specific needs.
With term life insurance from CL, you get so much more than coverage for a set period. Our term insurance goes beyond protecting your family for the short term; it puts you and your loved ones on a path toward financial preparedness for the future. Term life- locks in your immediate protection and grants you access to features like converting to permanent coverage at a later date if your life changes. This means your policy can help you achieve your goals at every stage of life.
People who choose universal life insurance are typically looking to maximize their long-term gains while also holding the best and most flexible life insurance policy. A CL Universal Life policy also provides the client with an efficient way to manage the tax system while giving their families the long-term insurance protection they deserve. This is well known as the best and most flexible form of financial protection.
Simplified Life is a pre-approved product intended for “high risk” clients. If you have been turned away from other brokerages due qualities that deem you high risk- like an illness or condition, we have solution for you here at CL. This product is for those hard to insure cases. It’s more expensive than traditional insurance, but at least it gives the client coverage and protects their families. CL offers 2 kinds of Simplified Life Policies depending on your situation: advantage or affirmative.