Over 50 brokers, 7000+ clients, across 2 provinces – and our mission is still the exact same as day 1.

Our promise to our community is to be there for them when they need us—whether today or decades into the future. We have delivered on that promise for over 10 years by investing wisely, training our advisors ethically, and remaining true to our mission as a company that cares about life. Accountable only to our clients, not to any outside investors; we always look to put our clients’ best interests ahead of everything else. For you, that means having the confidence that comes with knowing you can build a better future for yourself and those you love, with a company that you can trust.

CL Financial was founded over 10 years ago by two veterans of the industry- husband and wife duo, Jerico and Jannette Esguerra. As a successful 1% broker before embarking on this venture, Jerico has seen the best and worst sides of the financial sector. It was Jannette’s idea to start their own firm- not out of necessity, but out of passion. Their mission was simple: to create a brokerage that genuinely put the clients’ best interests first; and to accomplish this mission they knew they wanted to work with only ethical and expert brokers. Brokers who know the ins-and-outs of the labyrinth known as finance, and who also have the moral compass to guide the client and educate them in the best of their abilities. Our brokers are trained with ethics and expertise being their top priority; and we do not work with brokers who do not believe in this way of doing business.

Here at CL Financial our legal fiduciary is to our clients. We are morally and legally obligated to educate and guide our clients in the best possible way. We take this promise very seriously, and welcome any broker or any client that shares this passion for care.

We look forward to meeting you!